Petite Blue Garland

PBG Petite Blue Garland Decor – Herend Fine China

The story of this cornflower décor goes back to the second half of the 18th century. The “Angouléme sprig” derived from botanical books of the period, appeared in Paris, and became a favourite with Queen Marie-Antoinette. The motif was readily adopted at Herend, where the charming little bright bleu flower of the field was close to the hearts of the painters. This simple pattern consists of an extremely stylized garland of cornflowers with blue petals, red stamens and green leaves, twining endlessly along with a red band around the rim. Strewn in the middle there are tiny single flowers. The calm of the regular repetition is enhanced by the alternation of warm and cool colours. This enriches and renders attractive this youthful, charming décor, reminiscent of the cleanliness and innocence of a maiden’s chamber.

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